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Makeup by MAC, Dubai

To live in a big city gives you a chance to be a part of many events. As the event by MAC Cosmetics in Mall of the Emirates which I visited with my friends. It was an open makeup consolation where professionals of this brand teach you techniques you are interested in. During my makeup session, I asked to teach me how to make smoky eyes. I never liked myself with excessive makeup; however, when you are in the hands of experts it is totally different story.

It was quite fun to get professional makeup from MAC and learn something as well. In fact, to make these smoky eyes took us for around 15 minutes. Of course, it is not a day look but definitely great for the evening. It was nice to see how makeup artist was applying products since at home we always go for our regular looks. Moreover, I believe that we are not capable to fully see ourselves and how to highlight our beauty in the right way.  Whereas specially trained artists can change our appearance in a matter of minutes which happened to me at that day.

In conclusion, every girl has different face shape and beauty preferences so I guess to visit such venues are essential. Plus taking your friends with you could be really fun and entertaining. So I quite enjoy my makeup lesson by MAC.


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