Trip to Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a beautiful place full of life and different entertainment. I visited this city two times and had really good experience. It got everything for any taste, resorts, beaches, big history, great landscape, lots of restaurants, many landmarks and etc.

Fist time coming to Istanbul, I was staying at Sheraton Atakoy 5 star hotel right on the sea. Every day, waking up I saw the gorgeous sunrise and lots of boats on the horizon. The hotel had great territory around with wonderful park and an outdoor pool. So it is a great spot for summer holidays. However, I was there in autumn so didn’t get to swimming.

Sheraton Atakoy was a little bit off from the city but next to The Galleria Shopping Mall. Living next to the mall, having lots of restaurants and stores in walking distance was very convenient but when I wanted to see city landmarks, I had to take a taxi all the time. In fact, it was a challenge to explain taxi drivers any location since people could barely speak English. Nevertheless, every day I was going to see popular places in Istanbul. I must say most of them were really crowded and I got to stand long queues. However, it was fun when you visit the city for the first time.

Last day I took a trip to Princess Island. It was an unforgettable journey with an hour of the boat trip and lovely horse ride. Something surprised me the most, there are no cars on the island all transportations are bikes and horses. Passing near beautiful houses in a carriage, made me feel like a princess myself.

This lovely adventure ended at a local restaurant with delicious food and boat ride back home.

My second time coming to Istanbul was more relaxed with less of tourist attractions. I was staying at a wonderful 5-star hotel, Shangri-La. It was the most beautiful hotel I ever visited. Rooms were so luxurious, breakfast so classy and interior absolutely gorgeous. While staying there I could easily walk to anywhere and actually during my stay I used taxi only twice from the airport and to the airport.

Coming to Shangri-La in Istanbul was an experience in itself regardless the city. Everything there was at the heist standard. Next time I am coming to Istanbul, I would definitely book a room in this hotel. If fact, I feel to visit the city just to stay at this luxury place again.


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