Langham Hotel, London

Fist time I visited London I stayed at a wonderful 5-star hotel called Langham. This place was recommended to me by many friends. Moreover, it is a beloved place of many celebrities so I couldn’t miss an opportunity to feel as a celebrity myself. The place I must say is really cozy. In the entrance there is always a person welcoming you, once you walk in you will see the sweet little lobby with the restaurants and beautiful bar on the left, and the reception and business lounge on the right.

After fixing all the documents and credit card information, I got help from very friendly  Bulgarian employee with my luggage and a tour around the hotel. Since it was built in 1865 corridors looked for me rather a labyrinth but gave me a very classic British feeling. When we reached my room which was in the corner,  I found it gorgeous. It had so many windows with lots of light, and the view was right on BBC tower and the main street. The size of the room was very classic, I think around 35 sq.m. But since I was staying alone was more than enough. The bathroom I had was done with finest white marble and had all necessary amenities in it. So in general, I was truly happy with the room I got.


In the morning I woke up and decided to check out our gym. The way there was very complicated with many lovely corridors. When I entered the gym I had quite a surprise at 7 a.m. it was almost full not to mention that it was a little small. They also have a swimming pool but I didn’t have a chance to try because it was under renovation. So I did my training for half an hour, went back to change and continue to breakfast. For my breakfast, I had a choice of two restaurants, Palm Court with the buffet and Roux at The Landau with a la carte menu. The first day I tried Palm Court but I found it a bit dark for a breakfast, however, it is a very popular place in London for afternoon tea. Next three days I was going to eat at Roux at The Landau restaurant which even got Michelin star. I liked that place very much it had a beautiful design with lots of daylight and excellent food of course. In fact, in any restaurant in Langham hotel, the food is really great. In addition, back in Dubai, I saw a movie, Burnt with Bradly Cooper as the main actor which was shot at Roux at The Landau restaurant. Amazing to see the place where you stayed in a movie.

My breakfast at Roux at The Landau

Another great point in saying at Langham is that you close to everything. It located at the heart of London on Regent St. step away from Oxford and Piccadilly Street. So you get lots of great shops, restaurants and entertainment places around you.

Also, in 2015 all rooms got renovated with modern and luxurious design and I can’t wait to visit this hotel again to see it in reality. The photos of the room were taken from the main website of Langham ( so all credit to the company. I just think it’s absolutely gorgeous the way they did it so want to share it with you.


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