Big Bus Tour, London

The first time traveling to London I decided to take Big Bus Tour to get to know the city better, get a cultural grasp and see most popular tourist destinations. It was actually very good deal to get rides to lots of different areas and you can hip on and hip off in any place you like. The ticket was for around £30 which includes 24 hours of the tour (2 days). Of course, there are lots of great things to do and to visit in London and four days is not enough to explore everything this city can offer but I started from the places I was hearing most about and seeing on the TV.

1. Buckingham Palace was amazing feeling to see it and stand next to it. Just imagine how important this place in British history and there are still people living in it. To see the new gorgeous home of beloved by everyone Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Personally, I love to follow this royal family, I think they are doing a terrific job at representing the United Kingdom. Also, there I went to a little store with lots of beautiful things such as lovely tea cup and etc.

2. Big Ban is one of the biggest landmark of London which you can see in lots of different souvenirs and postcards. Well, of course, to take a photo there was a must. Truly a beautiful place. The architecture of this building is really beautiful and if you come around and see it closer you will be amazed how walls were made.


3. River Tour. With my ticket, I also got complementary river tour on the lovely boat with huge windows so you can perfectly see everything around. This boat was passing many great landmarks such as London Eye, The Tower of London, Tower bridge and it was heading to Greenwich and back. I was so lucky with the tour guide who was telling lots of interning stories about almost every place we were passing and the weather was wonderful for such tour.


4. Greenwich. This lovely boat tour ended at Greenwich and I had a chance to see a little bit around and visit the small museum before the boat started to go back. Incredibly beautiful area and architecture.


5. Harry Potter Tour. Also, I had a complementary tour for movie scenes of Harry Potter. Our group of seven went to downtown to the most popular spots where the author of the book got her inspiration. The photo below is from the scene about Dagon Alley where Harry Potter was buying his magic wand and school books.


So overall Big Bus tour was really nice experience when you don’t know anything about the city and anyone in it. I went to many other places with it as well but those I wrote about were most memorable for me. Below I post more photos and if you have any comments or want to share your experiences, feel free to leave it below and I would love to read them.


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