Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum is the absolutely great place to get a grasp of fashion history. If you are visiting London take an opportunity to visit it. Also, it’s a popular venue for other amazing exhibitions so you may get lucky and attend some of them. The good news for those who are traveling on a budget, it’s free of charge so you can stay there as long or as little you want at no cost.

These are the items I found most amusing because they were created by Christian Dior. What a feeling to see how this brand made its name. Dior was always one of my favorite brand, every time I visit their store I have strong desire to buy everything. The interesting part is that overall silhouette of dresses stayed very similar, tiny waist and bigger hips.

Then walking further I found Vogue magazine from 1949, what a precious copy to have in the file. Amazing how it used to look before. Nowadays, with all marketing tricks first page of Vogue looks more flashy and informative.


After a little tour around Victoria and Albert museum, I found that there is an exhibition going on and I decided to check it out. I was very lucky to attend this venue, it was dedicated to Alexander Mc Queen work and called Savage Beauty. To say it was fantastic, it ‘s not to say anything. Seeing actual masterpieces of this mysterious designer  was beyond my imagination, outfits were so powerful, scary and insanely gorgeous at the same time. I never experience feeling like that towards clothes. So if you come around this one, definitely visit it. If I remember correctly I paid £17 to get in but it was totally with it.

After the exhibition I went around and found a lovely restaurant with the cute outdoor place, unfortunately, it was raining plus quite crowded. So I decided to take a quick photo and continue to Harrods for my lunch and shopping of course.

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