Fashion Forward Season 5 (Spring 2015)


Fashion Forward is one of the biggest events in UAE dedicated to designers from the Middle East. To be honest this was my fist experience to come to a big fashion show and it was truly fantastic. Three days of haute couture cloth, street style fashion and gathering of biggest fashionistas of UAE. The venue took place at very luxurious 5-star hotel Mina A’Salam by Jumeirah group and to say it was very crowded. Since I didn’t have any connections in fashion industry and most of my friends had totally different lifestyles, I applied for general attendance, which was free of charged and allowed me to visit all the shows on a first come first served basis (meaning I had to stand in long queues and fight for my sit mainly in 4th-6th raws). Therefore, the quality of my first fashion shows photos weren’t so great.

The term “to come overdressed” doesn’t exist when you attend such events. So after the 1st day, seeing all fabulous people I came more prepared fashionwise on 2nd and 3rd days. During three days people get to know each other, exchange contacts and just have lots of fashion fan. The inspiration is all over the place, I felt like 99% of people there are truly talented and full of different ideas. Also, during the event, I had a chance to talk to young designers who were truly friendly and happy to share their brand stories. Moreover, I realized it is the perfect place to buy beautiful clothes, pieces of jewelry and accessories with inventive designs which will stand out. The best part that you can get all of these at really reasonable prices because most of them are start-ups. Last but not least, if you want to establish your own brand, you can get great ideas and advises from people attending such events and even keep in touch with them after.

This was my first Fashion Forward experiences which I am so happy to share with all of you. If you have any questions or suggestions leave your comments down below.

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