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I am so happy to see you here. A few words about me and this website… I am a professional Life-Coach and I teach people the science of being happy and help to build the life of their dreams. Plus, I have a couple of hobbies which I enjoy during my free time. To create a contemporary art, cook delicious food and explore best restaurants. My main company is Schastye LAB and on this website, I share the other side of my life.

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Finally we found each other. I can transform your life and help to design it the way you always dreamed. But you should have a burning desire to change. If you do, do not hesitate to book a Free Life-Coaching session to tell me more about you and your vision.

For Booking: yanallure@gmail.com

Café de Yanallure

To start, this is a fun way I refer to my cooking process because my friends and family always tell that I cook like in a fine restaurant. So when I invite someone over, I joke, Welcome to Café de Yanallure. You can try some of my go-to recipes which I share in the blog. And who knows, maybe one day I will actually own a café. However, from an investment point it is a complicated business. I see it more of a toy rather income source.

Our Journey

Life is adventure and I want you by my side to enjoy this experience together. Therefore, I upload a VLOG every single week. To share with you some of the amazing destination, my daily routine and inspire you to build the life of your dreams.


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